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At Grand River Academy, we know that young men learn best when they are immersed and active. Every aspect of our all-boys private college preparatory program is tailored toward an optimal learning experience. To achieve this, the GRA environment provides extrinsic motivation for students to engage with their classes, teachers, and fellow students in the classroom and beyond.

We encourage our students to discover their potential through a vast array of opportunities and activities that foster personal growth. Your son will have the opportunity to try new things both in and out of the classroom. With more than 50 comprehensive courses offered, personalized student support, and exciting weekend events and outings, Grand River Academy students experience boarding at its best.

Welcome Letter from Dean of Students

At Grand River Academy, our Faculty and staff understand that this time in a boy's life will be one of the most important periods of growth and development that they will ever experience.

Throughout their time here, students will have the opportunity to build a foundation of knowledge that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Students will also grow socially and emotionally during these formative years. Having said that, it is important as Dean of Students to ensure that every student at GRA understands how to make appropriate, healthy, and mature choices.

The Dean of Students Office provides support, education, guidance, and advocacy for all GRA students, while also handling all matters of discipline. Our Office is a tremendous resource for students in all capacities, and it is always a place students know they can turn to no matter the situation. 

While no student at Grand River Academy is exactly alike, they do share a common goal: to activate their academic, emotional, and social potential. My team and I are dedicated to fostering a campus environment that prioritizes this goal. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Grand River Academy, and I hope to welcome you to campus in the future!

Mr. Zac Inman

Dean of Students

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